Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan

Nur-Sultan, st. Beibitshilik 11


Museum of the First President of Kazakhstan

Museum of the First President was launched on July 4, 2005 in the building -former residence of the head of state, one of the most beautiful buildings in the city of Nur-Sultan. Unique pieces of furniture, interiors forming a single complex remained intact. Museum exhibits disclose important stages of the sovereign Kazakhstan and talk about the life and work of the first President of our country.

The first exhibition room starts with map of end­less Kazakh land and taking oath ceremony of the First President of Kazakhstan. Scientific-reference, system­atic registration and the museum storage system cor­responds to world-class museums. Today, the museum houses more than 60,000 artifacts, among which you can find archival manuscripts and printed materials,films and photographs, works of fine and decorative arts, weapons, personal items, documents, and a col­lection of awards of the First President of Kazakhstan. The museum fund presents gifts and awards, which were presented to the President of Kazakhstan by heads of foreign states and governments, international organizations and funds, the world’s leading compa­nies, citizens of our country. The exhibits are interest­ing and as priceless relics, and as remarkable works of art.

Scientific works of the head of state and prominent people of our time are also held. Many of them are unique, because they have autographs.

The museum contains archival materials on the way of becoming from the simple metallurgist to the president, the historical moments connected with great labor in Dneprodzerzhinsk, Temirtau, Karagan­da cities.

President’s 1 and 2 reception rooms and his office remained unchanged in the Museum.

Today the Museum of the First President of the Re­public of Kazakhstan has established itself as the au­thoritative research, educational and cultural center, which became one of the attractions of the capital of our country.

Everyone is familiar with the historical fact of the fateful transfer of the capital to Nur-Sultan in the period of the young state forming, and how difficult the decision was made by the President. Today Nur-Sultan is Kazakh­stan’s pride, a symbol of unification of the state and the embodiment of the national idea. Kazakhstan’s de­velopment is closely linked to the future of the capital, that is legally a part of the new image of the country. Exhibits portray the stages of development of inde­pendent Kazakhstan and the role of the First President of the country in these transformations.

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