Valentine's Day

25 January


Theatre performance

From 1000 тг.

Valentine's Day

"Valentine's Day" by Ivan Vyrypayev is a modern continuation of the famous play by Mikhail Roshchin "Valentine and Valentina", which in the seventies of the last century had an extraordinary success. Valentina is already sixty, and she still loves her Valentine and tries to return to the past. Return, at all costs to her birthday, which 20 years ago was the day of death of her beloved. Is it possible to go back to the past? We will try to find the truth, following the wisdom of the Arab philosopher Korah Al Muzani, who proclaimed: "Do not try to search for logic in time - there is no logic in time. Do not try to explain time in a logical way, there is no time as such. There are two things: love and love." And, perhaps, we will be able to soar above this "soulless" world, following Valentine and Valentina, who are surely "flying" over Vitebsk cottages, as Shagalov's bride and groom ...
Director - Honored Artist of Kazakhstan Bekpulat Parmanov.
Production designer -  Kanat Maksutov.
Composer - Evgenia Terekhina.

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