Excursion "Backstage Secrets"

29 February


Theatre performance

From 1000 тг.

Excursion "Backstage Secrets"

An exciting and informative tour "Backstage Secrets" will allow fans and connoisseurs of theater to look behind the scenes and see the other side of the ballet. Who puts makeup on artists, how beautiful costumes are created for performances, where artists rehearse and hone their skills – these are all part of the unique project of the "Astana Ballet".

Already at the entrance to the theater, guests will find themselves in another world with its own rules and traditions. Experienced art historians in combination and ballerinas in life will not only tell about the theater and the history of the formation of ballet art but also show what the big stage hides behind itself. Nice addition to the tour will be showing an excerpt of one of the ballets included in the repertoire of the theater.

Spectators will be able to see beautiful duets and solos and appreciate the huge potential of the “Astana Ballet” artists.

Note: the theatre reserves the right to choose the ballet.

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