How the echo appeared

02 February


Theatre performance

From 700 тг.

How the echo appeared

The action takes place in one of the Japanese settlements. Grandfather and grandmother have no children. Once grandmother  finds  a little girl in a golden melon, which floated in the river. The delighted grandmother and grandfather brought up the beautiful Urico, who became a kind, intelligent needlewoman. But the evil spirit of Amadzako stole Urico and took the girl to the mountains. Friends of Urico - a cock, a crow, pigeons helped the grandfather and grandmother save her from the evil spirit. Since then Amadzako has turned into an echo and could no longer do evil things to anyone, but only hovered in the mountains and mocked everyone. The play brings up in children a sense of kindness, respect for elders and a careful attitude to nature.
The main idea of the play: "Do not get tired of doing good deeds, good will come back to you with kindness."

Director: A. Salayeva Artist: A.Syrbaeva 

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