From Italy to Nur-Sultan city in a 1972 Fiat 500


From Italy to Nur-Sultan city in a 1972 Fiat 500

The hero of today's story, a guest from Italy, Michele Squeri, knows this firsthand. For more than three months, the traveler wanders the expanses of Europe and Russia, getting acquainted with the residents and cities encountered on the way. The main purpose of the trip to Russia was the legendary lake Baikal.

Most notably, the guest made the entire journey of 14 thousand kilometers in a 1972 Fiat 500.

In the city of Nur-Sultan Michele arrived 5 days ago. During this time, the guest had time to visit the main attractions of the city-the river Embankment, the Nur-Alem Museum, the Atyrau bridge, and Mosques.

Michele's further route lies South through Almaty region to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan.

We wish Michele smooth roads, new acquaintances and pleasant travel experiences.

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